Pendleton County Library in Falmouth, KY

Our trip to Falmouth, KY in Pendleton County was VERY fruitful.  Initially, I was in contact with Mildred Belew, the secretary of the Pendleton County Historical Society.  The society does not have their own location yet, so Mildred has us meet her at the library.  We had with us a lot of original documents from our ancestor, Judge Perry Bonar that Mildred was interested in seeing.  She introduced us to Alvin and Wilma Bonar who met us there.

The photos below are from the library and the main street of Falmouth.  Interestingly enough, in the center of town was an log cabin.  I do not know how it relates to the history of Falmouth, KY.

From left to right:  Wilma Bonar, their grandson, Mildred Belew, and Alvin Bonar North on Main St South on Main St
Pendleton County Library