Michael Janson and Family


Erica Janson, Cousin Megan Devine and Cousin Brianna Janson
Jessica Lee Janson 7/5/2003 Lori Lee Riemer Janson 7/5/2003 Melissa Mary Janson 7/5/2003


Justin Taylor Devine, Lori Lee Riemer Janson, Michael Dexter Janson, Megan Devine and Kim Janson Devine 6/29/03 Michael Dexter Janson 6/29/03 Dexter Janson Christmas 2001


Melissa Mary Janson Michael Dexter far right and Melissa Mary front  Erica Lynn Janson


Melissa at a track meet at Marquette University, handing off the baton to Steph Rozek in the 4x200 relay race 5/2002

Melissa Mary Janson


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