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Diane, Michael, William, Marleen Janson Easter 1958

The major surnames in our family that we have found so far include, Backscheider, Bonar, Conrad, Demerle, Dewald, Dexter, Elliott, Fegele, Feist, Grebner, Ihle, Janson, Jung, Lipps, Manginot, Megel, Oliger, Simon, Steinman, Sternjacob, Strassel.  Please click here for a list of all the surnames in our family.

For a partial list of the people we have found in our family so far, please click here. We are still adding information so this list will change. As this page is still under construction, there are, at present, no hyperlinks to the surnames. However, if you have an interest in any of them, please contact us from the emails below and we will supply you with whatever information we have. Thanks for visiting our site


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