Theresa Ihle ca 1910  

Photo provided by Charles H Backscheider

Generation 1

1000 Charles (Karl) Ihle (b 1/1838-Baden, GER; d 10/16/1907-OH) m. Blandina Sieber (b 5/9/1833-Baden, GER; d. 2/21/1916-OH) Children 2043

Generation 2

                    Children of 1000 (Charles (Karl) Ihle m. Blandina Sieber)

2000 Katherine Ihle (b 1863-Delhi, OH)

2001 Theresa Ihle (b 1864-Delhi, OH, 1950) m. Joseph L. Feist

2002 Mary Ihle (b 1866-Delhi, OH)

2003 Joseph Ihle (b 1868-Delhi, OH)

2004 John Ihle (b 1869-Delhi, OH; d 1943) m. Katherine (b 1873-OH; d 1955) Children 3000

2005 Caroline Ihle (b 1871-Delhi, OH)

2006 Charles Ihle (b 1873; d 7/27/1955) m. Magdalene Buechle (b 1875-GER; d 1918-Delhi, OH) Children 3005

Generation 3

                    Children of 2004 (John Ihle m. Katherine)

3000 Elizabeth Ihle (b 1901-Delhi, OH)

3001 Cecilia Ihle (b 1903-Delhi, OH; d 1925)

3002 John Ihle (b 1906-Delhi, OH)

3003 Charles Ihle (b 1908-Delhi, OH)

3004 Rosemary Ihle (b 1910-Delhi, OH)

                    Children of 2006 (Charles Ihle m. Magdalene Buechle)

3005 Mary Ihle (b 1899-Delhi, OH) m. Edward L. Lipps

3006 Emma Ihle (b 1901-Delhi, OH) m. Male Kuley

3007 Carl (Charles) Ihle (b 4/21/1903-Delhi, OH; d 4/1985-Sunman, Ripley, IN) m. Anna Lipps (b 10/05/1888-OH, d1964)

3008 Bernard A. Ihle (b 3/29/1906-Delhi, OH; d 5/16/1987) m. Clara Koch (b 1/21/1913)

3009 Joseph Ihle (b 1909-Delhi, OH)

3010 Catherine Ihle (b 1910-Delhi, OH; d 1983) m. Florenz Lipps

3011 Frank Ihle (b 1914-Delhi, OH)

3012 Albert M. Ihle (b 11/24/1916-Delhi, OH; d 8/1/1985) m. Alma C. Lipps (b. 9/11/1917-Cincinnati, OH; d. 5/17/2003-Cincinnati, OH) Children 4000

Generation 4

                    Children of 3012 (Albert M. Ihle m. Alma C. Lipps)

4000 Thomas J. Ihle (b abt 1937 OH)

                    (i) m. Elizabeth Essen (d. 1/1979 OH)

                    (ii) m. Brenda

4001 Janet A. Ihle (b abt 1939-OH) m. Thomas Brunner

4002 Rita M. Ihle (b abt 1941-OH)

                    (i) m. Carl H. Oeffinger

                    (ii) m. Harold Reynolds Children 5000

4003 Anthony M. Ihle (b abt 1943) m. Sandy

4004 Lawrence Albert Ihle m. Mary Ellen Langen Children 5002

4005 Daniel C. Ihle m. Sue

Generation 5

                    Children of 4002 (Rita M. Ihle m. Harold Reynolds)

5000 Chad Reynolds

5001 Nicole Reynolds

                    Children of 4004 (Lawrence Albert Ihle m. Mary Ellen Langen)

5002 Andrew Robert Ihle m. Martha Petsch

5003 Christine Ihle m. Kelly Weider

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