John H Backscheider and Elizabeth Weighaus & Descendents

The ancestral photos here, and on the Lipps and Feist and Ihle pages, were provided by Charles Henry Backscheider.  The remaining photographs were taken by myself and my sister, Kim, on our genealogy trip to Delhi Township, Cincinnati, Ohio this past August.  Charles and his family, pictured below, gave us a very warm welcome to Cincy, which we greatly appreciated.  Many thanks also to Charles and his bother-in-law, Don Jasper, for spending hours with us in 90o heat taking over 300 pictures of ancestral gravestones.  We are very happy to have found such neat cousins.

John H Backscheider and Elizabeth Weighaus ca 1890 Charles John Backscheider and Catherine Cecelia Lipps ca 1930

First Communions

Anna Mary Backscheider (Merkel) ca 1915 Charles John Backscheider ca 1915 Catherine Cecelia Lipps ca 1918


Children of Charles John Backscheider and Catherine Cecelia Lipps  

From left to right:  Joseph Backscheider, Charles Backscheider, Patricia Backscheider Jasper, John Backscheider, Frank Backscheider, Paul Backscheider.

Seated From Left: Nancy Rabenstein Backscheider, Barbara Fritz Backscheider, Mary Neumann Backscheider, Kim Devine, Patricia Backscheider Jasper, Anna Cornell Backscheider. Standing From Left: Paul Backscheider, Joseph Backscheider,Charles Backscheider, Eric Backscheider, Frank Backscheider, Donald Jasper, John Backscheider.


Top: John, Nancy and Eric Backscheider.  Bottom:  Frank Backscheider Top: Barbara and Joseph Backscheider  Bottom: Don and Patricia Backscheider Jasper Top: Mary and Charles Backscheider  Bottom:  John and Ann Backscheider

Amy, Jessica and Eric Backscheider

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