Bonar Homestead

            The drive to the farm was through some of the most picturesque country I have see in a long time.  The phrase "rolling hills of KY" takes on a lot of meaning here.  The terrain was very 'hilly' and the roads were riddled with many curves.  I really thought the van's brakes were going to overheat at some point, but all went smooth, as long as I could keep up with Alvin that is!  Boy, he really moves down those roads. 

            All of the roads were one lane wide.  They are the original roads used for horse and wagons.  When it came time to pave the roads, they chose not to widen them to two lanes.  Makes for great scenery, but a real problem when another car is coming from the other direction!

            The farm itself was up on a hill and the surrounding land was gorgeous!

The homestead has been built by Howard Bonar (b 10/17/1868; d 12/3/1961) pictured below.

The interior of the house was marvelous.  While the Wylies are remodeling the interior, the original structures and woodwork is being kept and restored.

Also still remaining in the house is Howard Bonar's original bedroom set.  Stan Wylie was nice enough to allow us to take pictures of the interior of the house and the bedroom furniture.

Below are pictures of the exterior and surrounding land.  Stan and Verda's daughter also was there, and told us a lot about the history of the Bonars.  It seems they had just had a Bonar reunion the year before and showed us a group picture of all the Bonars that came to the function.