Definition: From the German word "jung," meaning young, this surname was often used to reference the younger of two men with a common name. YOUNG is the English variant of the surname, while JAROS is found in Poland.

Surname Origin: German.    Alternate Surname Spellings: JUNK, YUNG, YONG, YOUNG, YOUNGE, JAROS

Generation 1

                    Children of NN Jung m. NN)

1000 Jean Jung (d 2/20/1688-Waldhouse,FR) m. NN Children 2000

1001 Jean Jung (b 11/27/1691) m. Anne Marie Hauck

Generation 2

                    Children of 1000 (Jean Jung m. NN)

2000 Jean Adolphe Jung (b abt 1652-Walschbronn, FR; d 5/6/1704-Walschbronn, FR)

                    i) m. Elisabeth Schaff (b abt 1655, d 5/16/1688-Waldhouse,FR) Children 3000

                    ii) m. Catherine Meyer (b 12/22/1664-Schorbach) Children 3005

Generation 3

                    Children of 2000 (Jean Adolphe Jung m. Elisabeth Schaff)

3000 Othilia (Ottilia) Jung (b 1682[1676]; d 1/6/1747-Waldhouse, FR)

                    i) m. Louis (Ludwig) Manginot (b 1/1665; bapt 1/6/1665-Bitche; d 4/8/1700-Waldhouse.FR)

                    ii) m. Johann Thomas Mauss (b-Liederschiedt) Children 4000

3001 Madeleine Jung (b abt 1677-Waldhouse, FR)

                    i) m. Jean George Zimmerman (b 1676) Children 4005

                    ii) m. Jacque Leichtel

3002 Adam Jung (b abt 1681-Waldhouse, FR; d 9/16/1688-Waldhouse, FR)

3003 Jean Gasparg Jung (b abt 1684, d 3/18/1688-Waldhouse, FR)

3004 Catherine Jung (b abt 1686-Waldhouse, FR) m. George Gteiner

3004 Jean Georges Jung (b abt 1687; d 3/18/1688-Waldhouse, FR)

                    Children of 2000 (Jean Adolphe Jung m. Catherine Meyer)

3005 Jean Ularic Jung (b 12/18/1689-Waldhouse, FR)

3006 Catherine Jung (b 5/14/1691-Waldhouse, FR)

3007 Jean Jung (b 10/17/1694-Waldhouse, FR)

3008 Joseph Jung (b 2/19/1696-Waldhouse, FR) m. Ann Odile Maus Children 4006

3009 Jean Adam Jung (b 5/15/1699-Walschbronn,FR; d 5/13/1748-Walschbronn.FR)

                    i) m. Madeleine Buchheit (b abt 1704-Loutzviller; d 2/17/1724-Walschbronn,FR)

                    ii) m. Catherine Zweibrucker (b 7/7/1706-Walschbronn,FR; d 2/28/1739-Waldhouse, FR) Children 4007

                    iii) m. Madeline Meyer ( b bfr 1720-Eschviller; d 10/10 1749-Zchwartzwald) Children 4010

3010 Anne Regina (Reine) Jung (b 1/10/1702-Waldhouse, FR; d-FR) m. Adam Schaff (b 7/30/1695-Eberbach, Liederschiedt)

Generation 4

                    Children of 3000 (Othilia (Ottilia) Jung m. Johann Thomas Mauss)

4000 Catharina Elisabetha Mauss (b 2/1/1704-Waldhouse, FR)

4001 Johann Jacob Mauss (b 11/24/1706-Waldhouse, FR)

4002 Anna Catharina Mauss (b 1/3/1709-Waldhouse, FR; d 2/25/1769-Waldhouse, FR) m. Marc Batscheider (b 1714-Fröschen,Naudersberg,Tirol,AUS; d 2/15/1764-Waldhouse,FR)

4003 Magdalena Mauss (b 8/13/1712-Waldhouse, FR)

4004 Joseph Mauss (b 9/11/1715-Waldhouse, FR)

                    Children of 3001 (Madeleine Jung m. Jean George Zimmerman)

4005 Theobald Zimmermann (b 3/21/1699-Waldhouse, FR)

                    Children of 3008 (Joseph Jung m. Ann Odile Maus)

4006 Catharina Jung (b 6/12/1729-Waldhouse,FR; d 12/10/1807-Waldhouse,FR) m. Johann Adam Megel (b 6/6/1725-Waldhouse,FR; d 3/7/1787-Waldhouse,FR)

                    Children of 3009 (Jean Adam Jung m. Catherine Zweibrucker)

4007 Jean (Johann) Meinrad Jung (b 3/9/1738-Waldhouse, FR; d 10/29/1807-Waldhouse, FR)

                    i) m. Anna Maria Strassel (b 9/17/1740-Waldhouse, FR; d 11/27/1766) Children 5000

                    ii) m. Maria Anna Elisabeth Stebler (b 1751-Opperdingen; d 4/6/1816-Waldhouse,FR) Children 5001

4008 Jean Jung

4009 Anna Jung (b 11/18/1732Waldhouse, FR; d 1/26/1795-Waldhouse, FR) m. Johann Federspial (b 9/12/1721-Waldhouse, FR; d 3/26/1783-Waldhouse, FR) Children 5006

                    Children of 3009 (Jean Adam Jung m. Madeline Meyer)

4010 Jean (Johann) Jung (b 6/24/1746-Waldhouse, FR; d 1/3/1811-Waldhouse, FR)

                    i) m. Barbara Regina Strassel (b 8/17/1747-Waldhouse,FR; d 6/3/1777-Waldhouse,FR) Children 5007

                    ii) m. Marie Elisabetha Schaeffer (b 5/26/1759-Loutuzviller; d 9/17/1787 -Waldhouse,FR) Children 5009

                    iii) m. Anna (Eve) Barbara Zuck/Zind (b 5/12/1768; d 8/31/1820) Children 5011

Generation 5

                    Children of 4007 (Jean (Johann) Meinrad Jung m. Anna Maria Strassel)

5000 Jean (Johann) Jung (b 2/17/1763-Waldhouse, FR) m. Catherine (Catharina) Demerlé (b 10/1/1767-Walschbroon, FR; d2/13/1818) Children 6000

                    Children of 4007 (Jean (Johann) Meinrad Jung m. Maria Anna Elisabeth Stebler)

5001 Henry (Heinrich) Jung (b 1/19/1787-Walschbronn, FR) m. Regine (Reine) Demerlé (b 1797-Walschbronn, FR) Children 6006

5002 Jean Jung

5003 Jean (Johann) Vendel (Valentin) Jung (b 7/2/1789-Waldhouse, FR; d aft 1855-Walschbronn, FR) m. Marguerite (Margaretha) Viertz/Wurtz (b 1794 -Walschbronn, FR) Children 6008

5004 Mathias Jung (b 1783) m. Marguerite Leuihtuian/Leichnam (b 1787) Children 6011

5005 Jean Adam Jung (b 9/11/1775-WaldhouseFR)

                    i) m. Catherine Streid/Scheid (d by 1819) Children 6015

                    ii) m. Ann Rubert/ Ruppert (b 1784) Children 6020

                    Children of 4009 (Anna Jung m. Johann Federspial)

5006 Regina Federspial (b 10/25/1777) m. Johann Stebler (b 1762)

                    Children of 4010 (Jean (Johann) Jung m. Barbara Regina Strassel)

5007 Jean Vendel Jung (b 10/2/1774-Waldhouse, FR; d 2/16/1857-Waldhouse, FR)

                    i) m. Elisabeth Berger (b abt 1773-Schorbach; d 9/19/1809-Waldhouse, Fr) Children 6021

                    ii) m. Catherine Durtalter/Dorthaler (b 3/6/1783-Waldhouse, FR; d 5/10/1826-Waldhouse,FR) Children 6026

5008 Johann George Jung (b 1777; d 1/15/1814) m. Catherine Oliger (b1775)

                    Children of 4010 (Jean (Johann) Jung m. Marie Elisabetha Schaeffer)

5009 Eva Jung (b 3/25/1779-Waldhouse, FR) m. Mathias Manginot (b 1/5/1774-Waldhouse, FR, d 4/17/1841-Waldhouse, FR)

5010 Jean Jung (b 1781) m. Anne Marie Conrad (b 1796) Children 6035

                    Children of 4010 (Jean (Johann) Jung m. Anna (Eve) Barbara Zuck/Zind)

5011 Madelaine Jung (b 1789) m. Jacque Febinette (b 1782)

5012 Mathias (Mathieu) Jung (b 1802; d 6/14/1827-Walschbronn, FR) m. Marie Elisabeth (Maria Elisabeth) Simon (b 3/28/1803-Walschbronn, FR)

5013 Balthazard Jung (b 1/1795)

5014 Pierre Jung m. Anne Marie Behr Children 6038

Generation 6

                Children of 5000 (Jean (Johann) Jung m. Catherine (Catharina) Demerlé)

6000 Marie Elisabeth Jung (b 1792[1790]) m. Jean Nicolas Conrad (b 11/26/1788-Waldhouse, FR; d 1/27/1834-Waldhouse, FR)

6001 Anne Barbe Jung (b 1/1793, d 11/16/1848-Waldhouse, FR) m. Jean Vendel Conrad (b 6/14/1793-Waldhouse, FR; d. 10/11/1842)

6002 Catharina Jung (b 1797, d 1798)

6003 Johann Adam Jung (b 1798)

6004 Peter Jung (b 1800)

6005 Baltazard Jung (b 1801) m. Christine Houver/Huver (b 1806) Children 7000

                    Children of 5001 (Henry (Heinrich) Jung m. Regine (Reine) Demerlé)

6006 Anne Marie Jung

6007 Pierre Jung (b 10/29/1825-Waldhouse, FR; d 4/10/1890-Waldhouse,FR) m. Marie Ann Koelsch (b 11/18/1830-Waldhouse, FR; d 7/30/1900-Waldhouse,FR) Children 7005

                    Children of 5003 (Jean (Johann) Vendel (Valentin) Jung m. Marguerite (Margaretha) Viertz/Wurtz)

6008 Jean Jung (b 2/13/1817)

6009 Balthazard Jung (b 9/25/1823) GF Jean Vendel Kelsche

6010 Jean (Johann) Jung (b 5/10/1828-Walschbronn, FR) m. Anne Marie (Anna Maria) Demerlé (b 11/14/1835-Walschbronn, FR; d 11/20/1910-Walschbronn, FR)

                    Children of 5004 (Mathias Jung m. Marguerite Leuihtuian/Leichnam)

6011 Jean Jung (b 4/12/1813-Waldhouse, FR; d 6/18/1871)

                    i) m. Marie Elisabeth Wurtz (b 11/26/1803-Walschbronn, FR; d 8/22/1842)

                    ii) m. Ann Behr (b abt 1821-Loutzviller; d 7/18/1868-Walschbronn,FR) Children 7005

6012 Vendel Jung (b 4/15/1811)

6013 Barbe (Barbara) Jung (b 2/17/1815; d aft 1887-Waldhouse, FR) m. Jean (Johann) Roth (b 1808-Waldhouse, FR) Children 7006

6014 Pierre Jung (b 12/29/1824-Waldhouse, FR; 3/2/1869-Walschbronn,FR) m. Anne Marie Henner (b 10/26/1831; d 1/10/1901) Children 7013

                    Children of 5005 (Jean Adam Jung m. Catherine Streid/Scheid)

6015 Jean Jung (b 10/31/1799-Liederschiedt)

6016 Elisabeth Jung (b 8/11/1801-Liederschiedt) m. Jean Burgholzer

6017 Mathieu Jung (b 5/22/1804-Liederschiedt)

6018 Catherine Jung (b 3/05/1807-Liederschiedt; d 5/10/1810-Liederschiedt)

6019 Marie Catherine Jung (b 5/06/1810-Liederschiedt)

                    Children of 5005 (Jean Adam Jung m. Ann Rubert/ Ruppert)

6020 Barbe Jung (b 9/2/1819)

                    Children of 5007 (Jean Vendel Jung m. Elisabeth Berger)

6021 Madeleine Jung (b 9/11/1802-Waldhouse, FR) m. Pierre Stebler

6022 Jean Valentin Jung (b 3/16/1804-Waldhouse, FR; 9/16/1814)

6023 Jean Jung (b 4/25/1806-Waldhouse, FR) m. Barbe Megel

6024 Catherine Jung (b 2/18/1808-Waldhouse, FR; d 5/26/1812)

6025 "Garcon" Jung (b 9/18/1809-Waldhouse, FR; d 9/19/1809)

                    Children of 5007 (Jean Vendel Jung m. Catherine Durtalter/Dorthaler)

6026 Jean Valentin Jung (b 2/11/1811) m. Anne Msrie Fegele

6027 Pierre Jung (b 12/25/1812) m. 1853 Reine Backscheider

6028 Jean Georges Jung (b 9/14/1814-Waldhouse, FR) m. Ann Marie Backscheider

6029 Catherine Jung (b 7/14/1816; d?)

6030 Anne Marie Jung (b 9/23/1818-Waldhouse, FR) m. Chretien Klein

6031 Jean Vendel Jung (b 1/23/1819)

6032 Marie Elisabeth Jung (b 8/(3)24/1820-Waldhouse,FR)

6033 Jean Vendel Jung (b 9/27/1823) m. Barbe Backscheider

6034 Catherine Jung (b 3/21/1826-Waldhouse, FR; d 5/16/1826)

                    Children of 5010 (Jean Jung m. Anne Marie Conrad)

6035 Jean Jung (b 1818; d 4 days later)

6036 Jean Jung (b 11/6/1819)

6037 Pierre Jung (b 10/14/1816)

                    Children of 5014 (Pierre Jung m. Anne Marie Behr)

6038 Pierre (Peter) Jung (b 10/8/1825-Walschbronn, FR; d 5/5/1895-Walschbronn, FR) m. Barbara (Barbe) Manginot/Maginot (b 3/3/1825-Walschbronn, FR, d 9/14/1889-Walschbronn, FR) Children 7014

Generation 7

                    Children of 6005 (Baltazard Jung (b 1801) m. Christine Houver/Huver)

7000 Nicolas Jung (b 1818, d 1/23/1836 -Waldhouse, FR)

7001Anne Marie Jung (b 8/13/1833-Waldhausen, FR)

7002 Nicolas Jung (b 2/6/1836)

7003 Jacques Jung (b 11/29/1837-Waldhouse, FR; d aft 1892-Waldhouse, FR) m. Barbe Roth (b 3/11/1844-Waldhouse, FR)

                    Children of 6007 (Pierre Jung m. Marie Ann Koelsch)

7004 Anne (Anna) Jung (b 4/29/1876-Waldhouse, FR; d 3/22/1948-Walschbronn, FR) m. Matthias (Mathieu) Demerlé (b 7/26/1873-Walschbronn, FR)

                    Children of 6011 (Jean Jung m. Ann Behr)

7005 Jean (Johann) Jung (b 12/24/1864-Walschbronn, FR)

                    i) m. Marie (Maria) Simon (b 1/11/1868-Walschbronn, FR)

                    ii) m. Marie Madeleine Elizabeth Werner

                    Children of 6013 (Barbe (Barbara) Jung m. Jean (Johann) Roth)

7006 Pierre Roth (b. 12/10/1835-Waldhouse, FR)

7007 Barbe Roth (b 3/25/1842-Waldhouse, FR)

7008 Anne Marie Roth (b 1843-Waldhouse, FR)

7009 Jean (Johann) Georg (Georges) Roth (b 1843-Waldhouse, FR;)

7010 Catherine Roth (b 3/29/1847-Waldhouse, FR)

7011 Anna Maria (Anne Marie) Roth (b 5/25/1850863-Waldhouse, FR)

7012 Nicolas Roth (b. 2/26/1853-Waldhouse, FR)

                    Children of 6014 (Pierre Jung m. Anne Marie Henner)

7013 Balthasar Jung (b 11/24/1853-Walschbronn; d 11/10/1907-Walschbronn, FR)

                    i) m. Madeleine (Magdalena) Demerlé (b 3/3/1863-Walschbronn; d 8/31/1886-Walschbronn)

                    ii) m Marie (Maria) Martini (b 11/29/1868-Walschbronn)

                    Children of 6033 (Pierre (Peter) Jung (b 10/8/1825-Walschbronn, FR; d 5/5/1895-Walschbronn, FR) m. Barbara (Barbe) Manginot/Maginot)

7014 Anna Maria (Anne Marie) Jung (b 1861-Walschbronn, FR; d btw 1885-1891-Walschbronn, FR) m. Pierre (Peter) Simon (b 3/29/1860-Walschbronn, FR; d)

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